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With this project, you will be investigating the complex relationships between humans and the environments in which they live. You will pick a single topic/ issue and describe it in at least three places, hopefully as diverse as possible. Most importantly, you will compare and contrast these regions and come to a conclusion about the consequences of these interactions.

Ocean/ Marine Life   


Disappearing Lands         

Green Initiatives/ Orgs.

Oil/ Resources          

Marine Debris (JD)

Lake Pollution (MB)

Growing Cities (EF)

Green Initiatives (JT)

Coal Power (MP)

Overfishing (RL)

Water Pollution/ Pesticides (NS)

Deforestation (LS)

Green Revolution and Food (LR)

Oil Spills (DH)

Ocean Acidification (EW)

River Water Pollution (RM)

Beach Erosion (CM)

Intl. Orgs. and the Environment (GN)

Nuclear Power (JC)

Destructive Fishing Practices (GC)

Acid Rain

Desertification (PB)

Sustainability (KD)

Oil Companies (TZ)

Climate Change and Ocean Levels (DB)

Reef Destruction (EM)

Deforestation and Global Warming (MB)

Water Scarcity and Conflict (ML)

Mining Pollution (MM) 

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