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Lab Resources

Below is a list of some of the equipment and services that the lab uses. Something not on this list that you think your study needs? Ask Erin or the lab coordinator, and if it is a reasonable purchase they can help you order it. Also, if something is broken or you just can’t get it to work properly, ask the lab coordinator for some help.


Located across the hall in Dr. Rice’s lab (JH210), the shower enables participants to wash electrode gel out of their hair immediately after finishing a study. The key to the shower room is located on the pin board in the control room. Towels are located under the beds in the experiment rooms. Remember to set the sign on the door to "occupied" when a participant is inside. Please help keep this shower room clean and organized so that it is not gross for participants!

Google services

The lab has a Google account - - which can be accessed here. Ask Erin or the lab coordinator for the login information.

    • Google Calendar must be used for scheduling all participant appointments. 
    • GMail is used for scheduling participants and communicating with participants.
    • Google Sites was used for the old lab wiki.


An online service used to create and distribute online surveys ( If you need an account for your research, ask Erin to request this from ITS.


A service for convenient storage, retrieval, sharing, and citation generation for research articles. The Lab Zotero library is where Erin shares articles with you -- there are folders containing background literature for each of the projects that the lab is currently working on.  Also zotero is way better than Endnote for making bibliographies and citations, and keeping your PDF files of articles organized.  Also free.


Box is a cloud storage service. All Furman folks have a box account. Box is where we keep all IRB documents, and is how researchers will view and print consent forms.  Current consent forms and approval letters from active studies are here.  

Facebook and Website

The lab has a facebook page as well as an “official” website – the website has a list of our lab’s publications which can be a really helpful resource. If you have something cool that’s related to our research post it on the facebook page! If you see something outdated/have something to add to the website, let the lab coordinator know.  Facebook  |  Website

Follow this link to edit the lab website. Contact the lab coordinator for the username and password.


One of the computers in our lab is hooked up to a small printer. You should always try to use this printer before printing things like study forms and articles on the psych department printer. Tell the lab coordinator if we need more paper or ink or whatever.

Sheets and Towels

Extra sheets and towels are kept in storage bins under the bed.

Participant payment funds

Cash log

Once every week or so, depending on how many participants are being run in the lab, count the money in the cash box and enter the date and amount into the log at \\fustore\wamsleylab\Inventory and Organization\Cash log.xlsx. Whenever money is deposited, enter the deposit amount, the amount in the box without the deposit, and the date. The log is not intended to be a perfect record of cash flow in the lab, but rather a general tracker that tells us how much we've deposited and spent over time. 


Follow the steps in Workday procedures "Participant payment" to request funds. The money will be deposited into the bank account of whoever made the request in Workday, and it'll go into the same account Furman uses for direct deposit. If the funds went into your account, go into a branch of your bank and withdraw the cash in specific amounts of 5s, 10s, and 20s. The amount of each you want will vary based on the compensation for current studies, but generally an equal amount of each works. If you don't have a branch of your bank nearby, it might be easier to get a cash advance on your debit card, which you can do at any bank (check to make sure your bank isn't going to charge you a fee).

Participant funds tracker

We have an Excel sheet on Box (accessible only to Erin and the lab coordinator) for tracking where our participants funds are. Update the tracker every time a relevant Spend Authorization is submitted, cash is added to the box, or receipts are submitted in an Expense Report.


Generally, purchases of <$50 may be made without consulting Dr. Wamsley first (but check to make sure that is still the case). These might include things like new pillowcases, a small order of EEG supplies, or more pens to replace the ones lost to the mysterious pen-eating pocket dimension. Purchase with the credit card that Dr. Wamsley specifies, and unless you make the purchase on her Amazon account, email her the receipt for the order. If you order something on her Amazon account, make sure the name is Erin Wamsley and the address is Furman; if it goes to her house, it's gone.

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