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For any emergency, call 911.

Lab Contact List

Erin Wamsley(857) 218-0697erin.wamsley@furman.eduJohns Hall, Room 206K
Megan Collins(864) 940-6658megan.collins@furman.eduJohns Hall, Room 214
Furman IT(864) 294-3277Lower level of the Duke Library
Facility Services(864) 294-2179workorder.request@furman.eduCorner of Furman’s campus by the swamp rabbit trail

Emergency Quick Reference

(Note: these procedures are posted in all laboratory rooms)

If a study participant is experiencing a medical emergency

Immediately call 911, state that medical aid is needed, and provide the following information:

  1. Location and number of injured person(s) (Johns Hall Room 214). 
  2. Type of injury or problem and individual's present condition.
  3. The sequence of events leading to the injury.
  4. Medical history and name of injured persons' doctors, if known.
  5. The phone number you are calling from.  (Stay on the phone with the dispatcher.)

In addition:

  • Contact Campus Police at (864) 294-2111
  • Contact Dr. Wamsley at (857) 218-0697
  • Remain with the participant until medical assistance arrives.

For concerns about personal safety

  1. Call 911. 
  2. Contact Dr. Wamsley at (857) 218-0697

In case of fire

  1. Avoid personal injury and excessive risks.
  2. Alert people in the immediate area and activate the alarm.
  3. Call 911.  Give specific details of fire location.
  4. Smother fire or use the nearest fire extinguisher if you feel comfortable doing so AND have been properly trained.
  5. Always keep your back to an exit so that you do not become trapped by a fire.
  6. Avoid smoke and fumes. Stay low.
  7. University Police will respond to the scene to assist in building evacuation and to meet and assist the Fire Department.
  8. Once the Fire Department has arrived, the responding Incident Commander will take charge of all rescue and suppression activities.
  9. Do not re-enter the building until advised by the Fire Department or the University Police Officer.

For all off-campus emergencies

  1. Call 911 for assistance.  
  2. Contact Dr. Wamsley at 857-218-0697

Further Information on Furman University Emergency Procedures:

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