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Special training is required to use the transcranial stimulation equipment! Only researchers that have been trained by Erin in the use of transcranial stimulation may operate this equipment. The instructions posted here are just reminders – to learn to use this equipment and software, you will train directly with Erin and will take a short test.

Safety Reminders

  • Contraindications for stimulation as listed on screening form:  it is essential that no one with these risk factors participates in tCS. You must check participant answers on screening questionnaire before continuing with study.
  • Essential that participant knows to say “STOP” if they wish to turn off stimulation for any reason.
  • A research assistant must be in room with them at all times while being stimulated.
  • Erin must be in the lab during all tCS subjects, in case of emergency and to be immediately available when any questions come up.
  • In order to run a stimulation session, you must be logged in to Erin’s profile on the testing computer, and you must only use the pre-approved stimulation templates created by Erin. Student researchers must not enter/create new stimulation settings on their own. This is a safety issue, to ensure that the amount of stimulation being delivered is always correct. If there is some reason why you feel you need to enter or change settings, get Erin.
  • It is essential to make sure that you are using the correct size of sponge.
  • You must use sodium chloride (0.9% w/v) to wet the sponges.  It is essential not to use tap water. This is a safety issue.
  • Sponges and cap must be dry before re-using on next participant.
  • Check scalp after stimulation to make sure skin not burned / looks ok.  Redness on skin is normal.
  • It is critical that you follow up with subjects about side effects 24hrs later. We have had reports of adverse events, and these must be tracked and communicated to Erin immediately.

Setup Instructions for tCS

is this missing things?

10. How to put the cap on a subject and get good impedance.
11. How to turn stimulator unit on and make sure it is Bluetooth-connected to the software. How to troubleshoot if the Bluetooth won’t connect (removing Bluetooth driver and re-adding?)
12. Using the software and DON’T use it on a person until you are 100% confident with its use – can practice without a subject being hooked up.
13. Checking impedence before continuing with study
14. Starting and stopping a stimulation session
15. How to use the remote access software in which we control the experiment room computer from the adjacent room.  This prevents subject from seeing what we are doing and becoming “unblind” to condition. e.g. we don’t want them to see us loading “sham” stimulation profile!

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