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If you teach a course or sponsor a group that wishes to use a wiki, please contact the Help Desk if you would like a Wiki Space.

The following list is all wiki spaces currently hosted on this server along with the owner of the wiki space.  Please note that some of these wikis may be private, and not available to all users.

Wiki Space


Chemistry Wiki

Brian Goess

CTL Advisory Committee

Mike Winiski

EDFD 608 Culture of American Schooling

Mike Svec

Furman Wiki

Furman CIS

GIS Learning Community

Mike Winiski

Goess Lab Wiki

Brian Goess

Instructional Technology Group

Cort Haldaman

Liaisons Meeting

Cort Haldaman


George Lipscomb

Music 328 Colvin

Jenny Colvin

StudioLab Conference Planning

Mike Winiski

StudioLab Projects

Wike Winiski

Teaching and Learning

Mike Winiski


Mike Winiski

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