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  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management
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Service Name

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management


This service supports business continuity management functions by ensuring that ITS services can be recovered in the event of a major business disruption within required timescales.  



How to Request Service

  • Approved Work Requests
  • Formal invocation requests from the IT Service Center or authorized IT executive
  • Approved continuity test schedules and operational procedures


  • Business Critical - Availability target is 24X7X365 except for scheduled maintenance, holidays or acts of nature or dependent party outages, or seasonal services.  System redundancy and Full On-call engineer support is available with 4 hour after-hours response target.  Full Support Center Service request schedule is available.
  • In the event of an emergency, designated services are made available from an alternate remote back-up data center location.


There are no charges for this service.

Service Line

Systems and Networks


  • Identify service continuity requirements based on business continuity plans.
  • Coordinate classification and priority of recovery events and activities based on provided priorities from the business.
  • Conduct service continuity risk assessments.
  • Develop service continuity recovery strategies and approaches.
  • Develop and maintain service continuity plans.
  • Test service continuity plans.
  • Implement and coordinate training and communications for service continuity plans, actions, roles, responsibilities and overall awareness.
  • Conduct reviews and audits of service continuity plans and report results to management.
  • Provide information on costs and cost alternatives for continuity strategies.
  • Review proposed and pending infrastructure changes to ensure they do not compromise continuity plans and strategies.


Dexter Caldwell


Functioning Internet connection either on campus or the Asheville Recovery site. 

VP Customer

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Delivery Channels

  • Completed work requests
  • Offsite operational location
  • Published service continuity plans and strategies
  • Service continuity risk assessments
  • Consulting support

Service Targets

  • In the event of a disaster Business critical services routed to the off-campus site within 24 hours
  • Annual test of DR site capabilities for each designated DR component
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