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Service Name

Change Control


This service provides controls that protect availability and quality of services while changes are made to the IT infrastructure and services.



How to Request Service

Submitted RFCs (Request for Changes)


Defined Maintenance windows, approval by ITS Directors at weekly meeting


There are no charges for this service.

Service Line

ITS Administration


  • Record and classify changes as they are requested
  • Publish and communicate which changes have been requested as well as status and implementation success or failure of changes
  • Coordinate activities to agree and approve or reject requested changes on a timely basis to meet business needs
  • Coordinate activities to identify service and technical impacts associated with requested changes
  • Coordinate activities to validate change success and close changes
  • Schedule post-implementation reviews for changes that meet specified criteria to require them 
  • Track and report on progress of changes as they proceed from request to review to implementation to closure
  • Maintain and track change requests as defined in the ITS department Change Management Policy
  • Build, manage and maintain the ongoing list of standard changes
  • Presents change requests for approval at ITS directors meetings
  • Manage and maintain Forward Schedule of Changes
  • Communicate pending changes to those affected by the change


Jennifer Queen


Completed form to specifications required

VP Customer

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Delivery Channels

  • Completed RFCs
  • Post notifications for approval/rejection
  • Published forward schedule of changes
  • Consulting support

Service Targets

  • Change Control Success Rate [Successful Changes/Total Changes Implemented (Approved and Detected)]
  • Change Control Reschedule Rate [Changes Rescheduled/Total Changes]
  • Unauthorized Change Control Rate [Change Detected/Total Changes Implemented (Approved and Detected)]
  • Change Control Within Maintenance Window Rate [Changes Within Maintenance Window/Total Changes Implemented (Approved and Detected)]
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