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Service Name

Contract and Grant Support


Provide review and approval of all University contracts and grant requests involving information technology hardware, software, and services before contracts are signed or grants submitted. Make appropriate recommendations to ensure that such contracts and grants will comply with relevant University policies and processes before granting approval.



How to Request Service

Contact the IT Service Center (864.294.3277 or


  • Requests escalated from the IT Service Center
  • Contact from University Grants Administrator
  • Contract referral from University VP, department chair, or director


8:30 am - noon and 1:00pm - 5:00 pm M - F except for campus holidays and shutdowns


  • No charge for this review/approval service
  • Contract funding determined on a case-by-case basis

Service Line

ITS Administration


  • Provide oversight, recommendations, and approval for all new and renewed University contracts involving information technology hardware, software, and services; as directed by University Policy 077.3
  • Provide review and approval all University grants involving computer-related hardware, software and services; as directed by University Policy 403.1.
  • Notify chair of the Academic Computer Committee of grant applications involving use and/or purchase of computer-related equipment (for ACC approval as per University Policy 073.1.)
  • Ensure that all University information technology contracts and grant proposals comply with University information privacy and security requirements including University Policy 071.11 and University Policy 078.11.
  • Ensure that all new University contracts and grants for information technology hardware, software, and services can be supported with budgeted Information Technology Services capabilities and resources.


Fred Miller


Adequate time to review contract.

VP Customer

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Delivery Channels

  • Contract Review Forms signed by Budget Officer, Appropriate VP, and CIO
  • Contract signed by CIO or CIO’s delegate
  • Written approval to grant proposer with copy to Grants Administrator (email acceptable)
  • Notification of ACC chair when grant requires ACC approval (email acceptable)

Service Targets

  • Number of contracts and grants reviewed/approved.
  • Percent of contract review forms with measurable service targets.
  • Time to complete review/approval process.
  • Unauthorized Contract Rate. (Contracts detected without CIO review/total information technology contracts.)
  • Unauthorized grant rate. (Grants executed with technology not approved by CIO/total grants with information technology.)
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