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Service Name

Instructional Technology Services Management


This service coordinates the provision of instructional technology resources, assesses the performance of Learning Technology Services staff and deployed resources, and plans for appropriate tools and support for the academic mission.


Faculty, staff and students

How to Request Service

  • Contact the IT Service Center (864.294.3277 or
  • Contact Susan Dunnavant (864.294.3482 or


  • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm M-F except Holidays and Campus Shutdowns.
  • After hours by arrangement.Consultations by special request at the requestor’s convenience.


Service is provided at no cost to the campus community.  Application and technology resource costs shared between ITS, Academic Affairs or departments based upon potential user base and nature of the technology.

Service Line

Learning Technology Services


  • Introduces, tests, evaluates and solicits feedback from the customer community regarding existing and potential technology resources for instruction.
  • Directs and assesses instructional technologists as they address application and department-specific technology requirements of faculty.
  • Identifies requirements and coordinates activities to deliver and maintain instructional technology resources.
  • Coordinates and schedules opportunities for the customer community to review, evaluate and practice using available technologies.
  • Provides time and cost estimates for acquiring, licensing, implementing and delivering technologies deemed desirable.
  • In collaboration with CTL, ACC and the Instructional Technology Projects group, recommends specific applications for common instructional technology activities such as blogs, wikis, surveys and videoconferencing.
  • Coordinates periodic Post Implementation Reviews of major Learning Technology Resources.


Susan Dunnavant, Ed.D., Director of Learning Technology Services


  • Existing infrastructure, governance and funding to support forwarded technology requirements.
  • Furman NetID required for customers to gain access to internal resources.
  • Minimum threshold of participation/utilization may be needed to sustain specific offerings.
  • Systems and applications installed and configured, and services delivered through standard enterprise computing services of ITS.

VP Customer

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean

Delivery Channels

  • Systems and applications acquired through current policies including oversight of CIO.
  • Informational presentations to the ACC, ITAC or Technology Liaisons.
  • Consultations with faculty by ITS, CTL, Library or other key personnel charged with resource delivery.
  • Online documentation of resource availability, operation, scope.
  • Assistance in use and application administration provided through Instructional Technology specialists.
  • Response to escalated service requests initiated through the Service Center.

Service Targets

  • TechQual survey items related to instructional technology exceed user-defined minimum expectations for 90% or more of related items, or show improvement annually for 100% of items.
  • Service Targets for services throughout those offered by Learning Technology Services met or exceeded.
  • Semi-annual feedback from academic technology liaisons more than 90% positive.
  • Baseline, specialty and innovative technologies reviewed annually by ACC, technology liaisons, instructional technology projects group.  Measures of effectiveness include increase in utilization of and user satisfaction with baseline and academic specialty resources.
  • Representation in all appropriate venues where emerging technologies or changing uses of technology are formally evaluated and reviewed.
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