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  • Managing and Training Recording Engineers for Daniel Recital Hall
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Service Name

Managing and Training Recording Engineers for Daniel Recital Hall


This service provides training and scheduling for student engineers for recording recitals held in Daniel Recital Hall (DRH). This service also maintains all of the recording equipment in DRH.


Any current music student or professor can request this service. This service is also available to visiting performers if they would like their concert recorded.

How to Request Service

  • The service of training and scheduling is provided on an ongoing basis as a part of the support for instructional technology in the Music Department.
  • Customers wishing to schedule a specific recording should complete and submit the form for recordings in DRH at least one month in advance. This form is located on the Furman Music web site. On receipt of this form an engineer will be assigned to the customer’s event.


All of the Tuesday afternoon recitals from 2:00-4:00 pm in DRH are recorded.  We also record any evening recitals or concerts where the recording contract has been completed and submitted.  Other special events are scheduled based on availability.


This service to manage and schedule engineers is provided to the music department at no cost.  There are charges to performers who request recording services which are handled through the music department.

Service Line

Learning Technology Services


  • Maintains a team of trained student engineers
  • Schedules recording for any event in DRH where the performer has completed and submitted the recording contract.
  • Fulfills requests for specialized equipment such as condenser microphones hanging in the hall, condenser microphones deployed for on-stage recordings, regular dynamic microphones to amplify vocals & instruments, and monitors for the stage, and special in-house lighting & projection.


Michael Vick, Instructional Technologist


Music Students must have approval from their primary teacher, & outside artists must have a Faculty member approve their event. All musicians must also complete and submit the recording contract one month in advance.

VP Customer

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean

Delivery Channels

  • Recording contract for Daniel Recital Hall.
  • Training sessions for student engineers.

Service Targets

  • 100% customer satisfaction with recording experience.
  • 100% positive feedback from Music Faculty and outside artists using this service.
  • Retention of trained engineers as is practical within their curriculum at Furman.
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