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Service Name

Server Management – Business Critical


Provides a service to implement, operate and maintain physical server hardware and systems software assets that underpin IT and business services.


As approved by CIO

How to Request Service

  • Approved Work Requests
  • Escalated Incidents or Problems from the IT Service Center


Business Critical - Availability target is 24X7X365 except for scheduled maintenance, holidays or acts of nature or dependent party outages, or seasonal services.  System redundancy and Full On-call engineer support is available with 4 hour after-hours response target.  Full Support Center Service request schedule is available.


Off-campus hosting charges may apply

Service Line

Systems and Networks


  • Plan, install, configure and test server hardware and operating systems software configurations.
  • Configure servers for network access and perform connectivity testing to ensure servers are recognized by network.
  • Identify physical facility requirements needed to operate servers (i.e. floor space, equipment clearance, electrical, cooling, cabling, weight load).
  • Decommission server hardware and related software upon request.
  • Provide server hardware, software and networking requirements to support procurement activities.
  • Install or remove service application and scripting components on request.
  • Maintain server hardware and software assets in compliance with supporting 3rd party vendor and lease requirements.
  • Maintain information about installed server hardware, software and networking configuration items and ensure accuracy and availability to others.
  • Provide consulting services and support for release package testing, installation, deployment and operation.
  • Provide troubleshooting and technical support services for server hardware, software and networking components.
  • Implement capacity planning and tuning actions for server assets.
  • Coordinate and schedule server repair services with 3rd party vendors and validate that expected repairs and software patches achieved expected benefits.
  • Provide consulting and support services to identify server operational, monitoring and reporting requirements.
  • Plan, architect and administer server virtualization solutions for server and operating system assets.


Dexter Caldwell


  • Functioning network infrastructure
  • Person reporting problem provides sufficient data to research the problem

VP Customer

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Delivery Channels

  • Functioning network infrastructure
  • Person reporting problem provides sufficient data to research the problem

Service Targets

  • 90% of problems related to user connected to the system resolved within 8 business hours or escalated to the appropriate vendor
  • 90% of approved server installs performed within 2 weeks of approval
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