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Service Name

Training and Professional Development


This service acquires, develops and delivers training content and manages training activities needed to operate, support or use an IT service or technology-supported activity.


Faculty, staff and students are eligible for this service

How to Request Service

Contact the IT Service Center (864.294.3277 or for routine requests, to enroll in announced opportunities, and to discuss additional training needs. 


  • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm M-F except Holidays and Campus Shutdowns.
  • After hours by arrangement.
  • Consultations by special request at the requestor’s convenience.Online content available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


In-house sessions and content developed at Furman are at no cost to the requestor.   Some online resources, if required beyond advertised periods of open availability may incur licensing costs passed on to the customer.

Service Line

Learning Technology Services


  • Designs, develops, builds and tests training content and materials.
  • Identifies requirements and coordinates activities to build and implement infrastructures used to deliver training.
  • Coordinates and schedules training sessions and classes.
  • Monitors participation in and completion of training and 3rd party certifications.
  • Coordinates activities with 3rd party training providers when appropriatse
  • Provides time and cost estimates for producing training content and delivering custom training.
  • Coordinates activities to store and administer distribution and warehousing of training contents
  • Provides technology skill assessment materials and recommendations to complement staff hiring processes.


Susan Dunnavant, Ed.D., Director of Learning Technology Services


  • Furman NetID required for customers to gain access to internal resources.
  • Minimum threshold of participation/utilization may be needed to sustain specific offerings.
  • In-house training requires advance scheduling to insure access to appropriate training facilities.

VP Customer

  • Vice President of Finance and Administration
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean

Delivery Channels

  • Semi-annual catalog of in-house and online training
  • Personal consultations
  • Completed work requests submitted through the Service Center
  • Published training content
  • Subscription services
  • Classroom sessions
  • Online library of training materials developed in-house and acquired externally

Service Targets

  • Techqual survey training feedback 90%+ positive.
  • 90%+ of requests fulfilled within one semester.
  • 90%+ of seats in structured sessions filled.
  • Increasing usage of online materials as measured by analytics tool.
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