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Service Name

University Database Administration – Unidata


Provide the administrative tasks required to keep all of the instances of Unidata running at levels necessary to support the various applications using Unidata.


Users of systems that utilize Unidata.

How to Request Service

Contact the IT Service Center (864.294.3277 or


The Unidata DBMS is available 24 X 7 X 365 except during planned maintenance and upgrades.


There are no charges for this service.

Service Line

Enterprise Systems


  • Upgrade database to level required by application
  • Restore database if required to solve problems
  •  Research problems and escalate to vendor if needed


Clayton Burton


Functioning infrastructure, network, servers, and user interface

VP Customer

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Delivery Channels

  • Approved Work Requests
  • Escalated Incidents or Problems from the IT Service Center

Service Targets

  • Complete 90% of upgrades within 3 months of the time the user and owner agree that upgrade is needed
  • Complete 90% of restores within 3 business days of the time the user and owner agree that a restore is needed
  • Resolve 90% of problems within 5 hours from when notified or problem or escalated to vendor within that time
  • Have the database available to the user 98.5% of the time
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