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In classrooms that already have a laptop HDMI cable on top of the teaching station, you can simply plug it into the Apple TV and press “Laptop” on the touch panel to get started.  If a classroom does not yet have an HDMI cable, the VGA cable can be connected to the Apple TV using an adapter (adapters are available for loan at the Service Center or can be purchased directly through Shirley Haines).  

Once the video cable is connected, enable Bluetooth and wireless on your iOS device and then swipe up.  Select the Apple TV associated with the room you are in and press “Mirror”.  You will be prompted for a random security code that appears on the projector screen.  After entering it, you will be projecting your iOS device wirelessly. 

See the attached document for illustrations and more detailed instructions -  TS-Instructions-Long.docx

For more information, please contact Joe Hiltabidel.