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Who can request services and equipment from the IT Service Center?

  • Audio/visual equipment and services are available to Furman faculty and staff on a prearranged basis. Organized student groups may also use this equipment on a case-by-case basis with their faculty adviser making the equipment request and accepting responsibility for the equipment.
  • The Service Center does not accept any equipment request from off-campus individuals or groups. If you are visiting the campus and need equipment, the request must come to us from faculty or staff of Furman.

How do I request equipment?

  • Requests can be made by completing the A/V Request Form or by calling the IT Service Center at ext. 3277. You can also request equipment in person at least 24 hours in advance at the IT Service Center on the lower level of the Duke library. We cannot guarantee equipment availability as it is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

What happens if equipment I borrow is lost, stolen or damaged?

  • If any equipment borrowed is lost, stolen or damaged by yourself or anyone else between the time it leaves our possession and the time you return it to us - you will be held financially responsible for the repair or replacement of the equipment, determined by the vendor of our choice. Do not leave the equipment unattended outside the IT Service Center door after hours - please make sure that you return the equipment on time to someone who works in the IT Service Center.

Will someone help me use the equipment?

  • While we can provide tutorials on how to use equipment, we are not staffed to attend entire events where you will be using the equipment.
  • At your request, we can seek a student staff member who may be willing to work for a fee the two of you agree upon. The nature of the work and payment will not be handled by the IT Service Center, rather we will make your request known to students who may contact you directly to discuss the details. Availability of such help is not guaranteed.

What kinds of portable equipment are available?

  • We have a variety of equipment for you to use depending on your needs and the location you intend to use the equipment. Portable equipment that you can pick up and take with you includes: ** 
    • LCD projectors
    • Sound Systems
    • Microphones
    • Microphone Stands
    • Speakers
    • Camcorders
    • Digital Cameras
    • Screens (for use with projectors)
    • Digital Audio Recorders

How long can I keep equipment that has been checked out?

  • Lending of the multimedia equipment is a short-term service. Equipment loans are limited to a maximum of one week.

Does the IT Service Center offer any kind of training?

  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to request training on equipment that they will be using and with which they are not familiar. Send such requests to the IT Service Center at 864-294-3277.
  • Please try to request such training at least 24 hours in advance.