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Duo is a dual-authentication system that insures that your most sensitive data stays private. This means that you will have to log in to a computer as well as have a phone nearby so that you can also indicate, on the phone, that it’s you logging into systems utilizing DUO.

Ways to authenticate

  • Push - Authenticate through the DUO app on your phone or tablet.  You will receive a message to allow the authentication which you can accept.
  • Phone - DUO will call a number you enter.  Once you receive the phone call you can allow authentication.
  • Passcode - Use the DUO app to generate a passcode which can be entered into DUO to allow authentication.  No cell service is needed for this which is useful when traveling overseas.

How to set up DUO

How to manage DUO settings

How to configure a replacement phone

How to update DUO if disconnected