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Dialing Instructions for Faculty and Staff

On-campus extensions: 
  • Dial the 4-digit extension number
Local calls:
  • Dial 9, followed by the 7-digit telephone number
  • Toll Free Long Distance calls (area codes 800, 888, 877, etc.)
  • Dial 9, followed by 1 and the area code and number
Long Distance (Toll) calls:
  • Dial 9, then 1, followed by the area code and number
Personal Calls
  • Check with your department chair or supervisor to see if the department will permit personal calls to be charged to your authorization code. If so, you are responsible for reimbursing your department for the cost of these calls.
  • If your department does not allow personal calls to be charged in this manner, or if you prefer to use a personal calling card or credit card, or call collect, view the student dialing instructions.
International Calls
  • Dial 9, 011, country code and number, then long distance code