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  1. How do I access my account?  You will login at 
  2. What is my username?  The first part of your username will not change.  Enter your standard username followed by  ex) If your username was jsmith, login as
  3. What is my password?  When logging in choose “Forgot my password,” the page will then walk you through resetting your password
  4. Will I lose the contents of my email account? No, all items in your account will remain 
  5. Will my email address change? No, your address will remain the same
  6. Will I have access to other Office 365 Products? No, your account will only retain access to the email and calendar services
  7. How do I reset my password?  Enter your username, and then select "Forgot Password."  You will have the option of sending the new password to the alternate email address or cell phone you provided during sign up. 
  8. If my name changes can I request a name change?  No, your display name and email address will be permanent. 
  9. Is there a fee for this service? No, Furman provides this as a complimentary, opt-in service to Furman graduates beginning in 2019. 
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