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To-do list

  • Forward any pertinent email to your department chair/supervisor.
  • Transfer ownership of your Box and OneDrive folders to your department chair/supervisor or another colleague.  Documents you have created and shared with others are owned by you.  These files will be deleted when your account is closed unless you transfer ownership to another person at Furman.
  • Copy any documents stored on your computer to a flash drive for your department chair/supervisor.
  • If you have a Furman owned iPad, please turn of Find My iPad under your iCloud settings or remove iPad from your iTunes account.
  • Turn in all technology (laptops, iPads, etc.) to your department chair/supervisor, Human Resources or the IT Service Center on your last day.

Resignation or termination

  • Accounts (NetID, email, Box, etc.) are deactivated after your last day.


  • If you have retired from Furman and would like to keep your NetID and email address, please contact HR for approval.

Department chair/supervisor information

  • If you need information (email, documents, etc.) from an employee leaving Furman please have them share this information before they leave. 
  • Requests for data access after separation must be approved by the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources.
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