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How do I connect to MyResNet?

This quick connect guide will walk you through connecting your devices to MyResNet. 

What type of device may I connect to the network?

You may connect any wireless or network device once you have registered the network MAC address with MyResNet.  Smart home devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc. can connect to the network and access the internet but cannot control other devices on the network.  Since you are sharing the network, other students would also have the ability to control your devices. 

Can I connect a wireless printer to the network?

Yes, you can connect a wireless printer to the network but we recommend you connect your printer using a USB cable.  Since you are on a shared network, connecting your printer to the wireless would give other students access to it as well.  If you would still prefer to connect your printer to the wireless, please follow the MyResnet Printer Setup Guide.

How many devices can I connect to the network?

You can connect up to 7 devices to the MyResNet network.

Is the MyResNet network only wireless?

No, there will be wired network ports available in many of the rooms in most residence halls.  Manly, Geer and Blackwell will be wireless only due to the age of the currently installed cabling.

What type of speeds will be available?

MyResNet is contracted to provide each student with a 50 Mbps network connection per device. 

My parents are coming to visit.  Can they access the wifi?

If you have not used your allotment of 7 devices you can add the MAC address for your parent's device to your account.  Remember to remove the device once they leave campus to free up that MAC registration in your account.

MyResNet Support

Call:  (833) 493-4891
Text:  ResNet to 84700
Chat live: