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Furman students must register their devices in order to use to the Furman campus network in academic spaces (academic buildings, libraries, etc). Once registered student devices may use the network with a wired (Ethernet) connection or via the FU-Students wireless network.

What is Bradford?

Bradford is the vendor of the University's network access control (NAC) system which monitors connected systems to ensure a stable and reliable campus network.

How do I register a device to access the campus network?

How do I download the required student software bundle (Bradford Campus Manager and TrendMicro antivirus)?

Please follow these instructions on how to install the Furman Student Software package on your Windows or Mac machine. Download links to said packages are forthcoming.

I am stuck in remediation, how do I get out?

Please follow these instructions to remove your computer from remediation

Can I use my own router or wireless access point?

No.  Routers, wireless access points and other personal network devices are prohibited on campus.   See our up-to-date network policy here:   Furman University Network Policy

Can I use a wireless printer in my room?

Yes! You should be able to use your printer via wireless in your room through MyResNet. Please go here for more information.

Can I access the internet with my gaming console on the wireless network?

You are able to access the internet in your residence through MyResNet. For more information, please check here.