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What is "PrintLess @ Furman"?
The PrintLess @ Furman program is an attempt to provide more sustainable printing from Furman's computer labs. For more information about the PrintLess program, please see the PrintLess @ Furman Flyer (pdf)

How does PrintLess work?
Furman uses the PaperCut print management system for our PrintLess program.  Each student receives a balance of $50.00 at the start of each semester and $25.00 for the summer.  10 cents is charged against that balance for each piece of paper printed.

Can I request additional prints?
Once your balance drops below 100 pages you may request additional pages at the IT Service Center.  You will received 100 additional pages per request.  Click here to Increase Your Print Balance.

If I send a print job to a printer which is jammed or not working will I be charged?
Yes, once the printer begins working again all jobs sent to the printer will print.  ITS will clear the print queue before restoring the printer to service whenever possible so you are not charged.

Will I be charged for print jobs for a club or other student organization?
Student organizations can request a special PIN which can be used to charge print jobs to an organization instead of using an individual's print quota.

Can I request additional prints at 2:00 am?
No, requests for additional prints can only be made during normal IT Service Center hours.

Can I get a refund on my balance if I don't use all $50 in a semester?
No. The $50 credit is not refundable. It is only used to track printing.

Where can I print?
Multi-function devices are found in the general purpose computer labs which support email-to-print, copying and scanning.  Click here to see a list of locations for student printing.

Have more questions about printing in Furman computer labs?
Contact the IT Service Center.