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New Student Technology FAQ

How can I access the wireless network on campus?

We have two wireless networks for students.  One network for the residence halls, MyResnet, and one for the other campus buildings, FU-Students.

Should I purchase an anti-virus program my laptop?

No, Furman provides Trend Micro antivirus at no charge to students and it is required to be installed on all computers assessing the academic network.

Should I purchase Microsoft Office for my laptop?

No, Furman's license with Microsoft allows you to install Microsoft Office on up to 15 devices in this configuration:  5 computers, 5 tablets and 5 mobile devices (phones).

Is there software that is required for use?

Yes, all computers will need to have Trend Micro antivirus and the Bradford network access control client.  Trend Micro can be installed prior to arriving on campus (PC installer or Mac installer) but the Bradford client must be installed when you arrive on campus.

I have forgotten my password or it has expired.  How can I reset it?

We highly recommend you sign up for the Furman Password Station (FUPass).  Password Station will notify you before you password expires (every 160 days) so you can reset it.  Password Station will also have you setup security questions which you can answer to reset your password if you ever forget it.  If you have not signed up for Password Station you will have to visit the IT Service Center in person with ID or reset it remotely using Facetime or Skype.

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