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Information Technology Services (ITS) strives to provide an information environment that gives the University a strong foundation for meeting the diverse needs of departments and individuals. Software support is a critical part of our information environment. Below you will find a list of computer software that work well at Furman, and the level of support provided by ITS.

For software questions please contact the IT Service Center.


Software & Support Levels

To help you understand how well certain software fits at Furman, we have identified support levels for software on desktop computers and laptops. These levels range from extensive support for software that works well and is used by the broadest campus constituencies (baseline), to innovative software, which may only be used by a single individual.

  • Baseline – Fully supported by ITS, and supplied on Furman devices.
  • Specialty – Academic or administrative software required for curriculum or operations. Varying levels of support offered by specialists.
  • Innovative – Software being considered for use in courses or operations. Support is by specialists and may be limited due to time constraints.
  • Best effort - For all other software, ITS staff will make a reasonable attempt to help, but makes no guarantees about a successful resolution.

Additional information on support for web services, and administrative software applications can be found in the IT Service Catalog.

Student, Faculty, ar Staff Owned Computers

Baseline - software supported by ITS. Priority is given to University-owned systems and student devices needing to connect to the campus network. Support for personally-owned devices is offered as workload permits. Troubleshooting may require drop-off at the IT Service Center.

Virus Protection

Provided via download

Microsoft Office 
(Mac or Windows)

Faculty and staff purchase Microsoft installation CD
Supported, but not provided, for student computers.

Microsoft Windows 
OS upgrade

Faculty and staff purchase Microsoft installation CD 
Supported, but not provided, for student computers.

Microsoft Windows 
(7 or 8)

Support focused on connection to the Furman network and work with Furman information services

Macintosh OS
(10.6 and above)

Support focused on connection to the Furman network and work with Furman information services

Specialty software provided and supported by ITS. Support is offered on request by specialists within ITS.

Cisco AnyConnect

Provided via download for authorized users of Virtual Private Network access to Furman resources.

University owned Computers

Baseline software provided and supported by ITS.

Operating Systems

Mac OS 10.7+

For Macintosh systems

Windows 7

For PC systems

Software Applications

Acrobat Reader

Provided on Windows systems

Virus Protection

Provided on base system image

Microsoft Office

Provided on base system image

Primo PDF Writer

PDF file creator for Windows systems

Cisco AnyConnect

Provided to authorized VPN users

Specialty software provided and supported by ITS. ITS specialists provide support upon request.


Open Source audio application


Audio Player for Macintosh and Windows


Site licensed statistics application


Electronic photo album creator


Media player for Macintosh and Windows


Statistical application (limited licenses.)


Windows statistical application


Specialty charting application for Windows.

Specialty software supported by ITS. This software generally requires licenses funded by departments. Support offered on request by ITS specialists.

Adobe Creative Suite

Includes Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat and more

Animation Toolbox

Video Effects


GIS software – technical support for installation only

ArcGIS 10

Geographic Information System software


GIS software – technical support for installation only


Instrumentation software


Technical support for installation only

Boot Camp

Boot to Windows Utility for Macintosh


Screen recorder & video editor


Astronomy freeware

CLEA Software Suite

Astronomical Models

ChemBio Draw

Chemistry drawing tool

Cubase SE

MIDI Sequencing Application

Cue Mix FX

Music Software

Diet Analysis

Nutrition Application

Dine Healthy

Nutrition and Health

ERDAS Imagine

Geospatial graphics, works with ArcGIS

Eye-One (Match 3)

Art Application for color management


Music Composition Application

Final Cut Pro

Professional video editing software

Garage band

Audio workstation for Mac


Molecular Modeling Software


Graphics Design – Open Source


Modeling software

ISIS Draw 2.5

Physics freeware

Logger Pro 3

Scientific instrument software


Computational application

Matlab 6,7

Mathematics application


Computer algebra system

MOTU Audio Setup

Electronic Music Utility

MP4 Converter

Audio Conversion Tool


Nutrition analysis system


Freeware symbolic algebra


For installing Windows on Mac Intel systems

Pasco Data Studio

Physics instrument control

Peak Pro 5.2

Audio Recording, Editing, Mastering Application

Photoshop Elements

Image editing software

Population Genetics

Application to support population genetics study

Power DVD

Media player/editor

Practica Musica

Ear training software


project management


Live Show Control for MacX


Financial analysis


Freeware media player


Chemistry library search tool

Sync (JE, ML)

For handhelds

Stat Transfer

Data conversion software


Physics/astronomy freeware


Audio Conversion


Professional tax software


Multimedia Converter Application

TurboCad Mac Pro

Design/Modeling Application


image processing & analysis for Windows

Vector Works

2D/3D Design Application

Virtual Earth

Web mapping application


Freeware for geographic image manipulation

VLC Media Player

Multimedia playback – Mac/Windows/Linux

WMS 8.1

Watershed Modeling System

Write & Cite

Utility to use RefWorks in Word (bibliographic)

Innovative software - limited support from ITS or other specialists as available.
Contact the IT Service Center if you would like to try something new.

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