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Furman Cable Channel Line-Up

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any HD channels on the Furman Cable TV system?

Is it possible for students to purchase additional Cable TV services for their rooms?

  • No, it is not possible to purchase additional services. We keep costs down by providing a single, basic cable TV service for all on-campus residences.

Can I stream TV to my other devices?

  • Yes, you can stream TV to your computer or mobile devices using Stream2.


You have poor reception

  • Make sure the cable connection at both the wall and TV are tight
  • Replace the cable from the wall to the TV

You receive only a few channels

  • This is frequently due to the TV being set to antennae input instead of cable.  Go to the menu on your TV and change the input to cable.

You cannot find the digital channels.

  • If you TV has a tuner which can access digital channels, you should be able to access the digital channels by rescanning for available channels from the menu on your TV.

Your problem is not listed above

  • Contact the IT Service Center at 864-294-3277 or