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Happy Monday! And Hello it's Min Lee and Jessica Greene!

     Today we went to the TPCA factory, otherwise known as the Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile factory. In this factory alone they are able to produce 900 cars a day, by working five days a week for eight hours a day. This factory has been in production since 2005. Their factory is run by the motto "Quality today, success tomorrow."

      The process begins in the "press shop." In the "press shop" the body of the vehicle is produced by using molds. Because of their high quality machines a lot of the work is completed by robots, but both the machines and people work together. Throughout the factory the use of a display board helps to show the problems that are occurring in the factory. This helps to ensure that all problems are fixed quickly and successfully. 
The next step of the process takes place in the welding shop. While in the welding shop the parts that are made in the "press shop" are welded together. This process takes place using over 200 robots. The car is welded at 3570 different points and 116 arcs. All the welds are completed in a little over an hour.

    Next the welded car moves to the paint shop. In the paint shop the car is cleaned multiple times to ensure that no dirt has been left on the car after welding. The car is then introduced into a phosphate treatment. A couple other processes take place to ensure that the car is protected against coercion. A sealer is then placed over the welds to protect the welds. The exterior is then painted by robots and the interior is painted manually. The company offers a variety of colors. Folding roofs are also placed into the cars while in the paint shop. The final process takes place and is mostly performed manually, using no machines. There are over 200 operations that are completed before each car can be finished. It takes a total of 54 to 70 seconds for a new car to leave their line every hour. The cars are then taken to quality control. In the quality control facility the cars are judged on their paint and operating systems. The factory runs on the confidence of their employees. Each employee is trusted in their ability to produce the perfect car. Sadly, we were unable to get pictures at the factory because of their rules against photography. 

      After the TPCA factory, we travelled about 15 minutes down the road to a bone church and cemetery. The cemetery is set on holy ground, causing a lot of people from all over to be buried in this cemetery. The cemetery was so big so that they had to dig out the old bones and tombs and then put those bones into a chapel. First the bones were just stored in a chapel, but later on a monk arranged the bones into statues. Then the last owner of the chapel, a noble family, hired an artist to re-decorate the chapel in 1870. When you walk in the decorations are used to make you think about your life. Are you a good person? Because your life will end very soon...

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