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Pat Robertson makes himself sound so ignorant in this AP clip. I can understand the theological perspective he is trying to use to explain why this happened to Haiti, but his argument lacks objectivity in that he does not look at institutional influences, such as trade, civil war, etc. To top it off he makes the ignorant remark comparing the Dominican and Haiti and describes the Dominican as a place far removed from the conditions of Haiti. 

First of all, it was not the WHOLE country of Haiti that was destroyed, it was one city and some of it's outer suburbs.

Secondly, the Dominican Republic is also an impoverished area and for Robertson to say that the Dominicans owe their prosperity to ignoring interaction with the Devil, is to undermine their impoverished situation.

Lastly, as I noted before, Robertson was correct in his comparison of the two countries because the Dominican is doing better economically than Haiti, but as far as it being because of religious reasons, is the issue I would confront him about. It is fine if you think that has some influence, but there are other things you need to take into consideration as well!

Here is an article I found to be a little more objective:

Comparing the 2 Countries: Haiti vs. Dominican Republic

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