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  • A short email from my dad in Haiti
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Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 7:26 PM

Subject: Re: checking in

> Hi honey.

>   Things are coming together nicely

>   Our group is taking over at a hospital where the French are vacating. It 

> is downtown and they need all our surgeons

>   The name of the hospital is Sacred Heart.

> I and Elise opened a clinic today at the epicenter of the earthquake and 

> started

> Seeing pts.  Destruction and

> Smell of rotting bodies under bldgs is unbelievable

> Love

> Me

My dad also called me last night and apparently there are riots starting. He is currently working in a nieghborhood of PAP, Petionville. The riots are a result of U.S. and Haitian soldiers who are charging Haitians $7 US for a bag of rice when it's supposed to be free (the average Haitian makes less than a dollar a day just to put that into perspective)

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  1. Unknown User (kberry1428)

    side note: i really appreciate the live perspective you and your family can give us. Instead of us speculating and making general claims about what is actually going on, you actually know. We are praying for your dad

  2. Unknown User (lsalter)

    Thanks for the forwarded email, Sophie. I think it's interesting that your dad's email looks a lot like emails that my parents would send me...very matter of fact and to the point, but about something so monumental and horrifying. It's very poignant. Can you clarify at all with the rioting and whether or not the bags are being sold by the US soldiers? In no way does that make sense to me and it's awful if they are taking part in that. I would like to know more on that subject.

    Thanks again for the first hand information from Haiti, I agree with Kendra.