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Sorry my parent's typing skill and spelling aren't the best. 

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Sent: Sunday, February 07, 2010 8:44 PM

Subject: Super bowl haiti

> Hi all.  Had a great day today doing triage at hospital. Doing surgical 

> wound debridements, setting fractures. Draining wounds and treating 

> critically ill

> Team is really melding together

> Probably moving closer to hospital tomorrow

> Food and water are minor problem

> Meeting people from all over US and bonding as wew work together. Still 

> don't have a ride home but working on it

> We realy have a mature grat team

> Church of sacred heart next to hospital is totally destroyed EXCEPT for 

> crucifix and tabernacle. Really gives me chill bumps

> Haven't told anyone it is my bday today

> Johnie and guidon (two of our Haitian friends) coming tuesday

> Have done lots of good down here. Everybody doing well exxcept Dr Casey 

> who is sick with high fever. May have to come home early if he doesn't 

> rally

> Looks like Denge fever

> Believe it or not we are watching super bowl with rabbit ear antenna (on a side note, all the doctors used surgical tape and  made jerseys out of their scrubs for the superbowl. My dad wrote out Manning on the back of his shirt)

> Love you all

> Doc Dean

My Mom's Email Back to my Dad:

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> From: Cindy Mire

> To: Cindy Mire

> ReplyTo: Cindy Mire

> Sent: Feb 7, 2010 11:30 PM

> Subject: Re: Super bowl haiti

> Clara Mathian hooked me up with Melody's facebook pics...did they save tht

> arm?? Cases look good. Do you really think Mike has Dengue??? Can you 

> treat

> him there? Am bird dogging your flight plans. Eveyone was asking about you

> at church this am and at the Merwin's superbowl party.

> I am so proud of you. 

> happy birthday love

> me

> Mike seems better today

> We are moving to another place today closer to hospital. Gunshots last 

> night outside our house. Everybody was freaking out but edva and yvon (these two men are the translators, they are from haiti but live in knoxville, tn) say 

> it was nothing unusual

> Arm was saved but it probably will never work (if anyone wants to see a pic of the arm, i can send it to you but it's graphic)

> Love

> Me 

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  1. Unknown User (tmendez)

    Thanks for sharing those emails with us Sophie. I think it's made it more real for us knowing that someone's family is down there trying to help out with the relief efforts. What was that story about the arm though? Was it almost severed and then reattached? How did your dad end up doing this operation? Without anesthetics again or have they been fortunate enough to get some for major operations? 

    This also highlights for me that there are so many things we take for granted living in a country like the US. Imagine using pain killers that are not even strong enough for a migraine, on an operation to re-attach a severed  limb  or to amputate it? THAT gives me goose bumps. Even hand sanitizer that  we can get for free at the infirmary on campus has become a precious commodity for those working in the makeshift hospitals over there. That video clip posted on the orphans showed how unsanitary the operating conditions were. I hope your dad's friend is doing better. Is his fever possibly a result of the lack of hygienic conditions? 

  2. Unknown User (scrane)

    Sophie: Thank so much for sharing these.  What an opportunity for us to get to hear first hand some of the realities of what is going on.  Is your dad still down there? Any updates?

    Is the hospital the one where your family usually works (and I think began?) or is it a Haitian one that stood through the earthquakes?

  3. Unknown User (smire)

    Sorry I failed to respond.

    Tabby- Here's the arm story- a man wandered into to the facility where my dad's group had set up and his arm was almost detached. Some rubble had fallen on him in the earthquake. My dad said it was completely open, revealing all the flesh. He could even see the bone. An orthopedic surgeon did the surgery and I believe they amputated it.  have pictures also if you are interested which I'd be happy to send to you but they are graphic, just let me know. 

    Sarah- My dad returned on Saturday evening. He was flown out of PAP on Friday. The group was sent to some military base in Florida and they ended up meeting Nancy Pelosi there! But anyways, the hospital that we began is 35 miles north of PAP. My dad was stationed at a hospital near the epicenter of the earthquake in PAP. Our hospital is fine and well but the one where htey worked was completely destroyed. They worked mostly outside. There were some patients from our village that came down to visit my dad and have some surgeries. In particular is one man I've known for about 5 years. He has a severely infected foot and walks with a limp. Surgeons have tried to amputate it but he won't the young man won't. He came to PAP while my dad was there and received surgery on it since he brought orthopedic surgeons. I have pics of that as well if you are interested in any of the surgeries.