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Furman Box - FAQ

Who is eligible for a Furman Box account?    
All faculty, staff and students are eligible for a Furman Box account.

Can I setup a Box account for my department or student organization?    
Box accounts are associated with a Furman NetID so they are not available for departments or organizations.How much storage space is available?
25 GB

Is there a file size limit when uploading to Furman Box?
5 GB

How do I login to Furman Box?
Use your NetID and password to log in.

Who do I call for assistance with my Furman Box account?
Contact the IT Service Center for assistance at 864-294-3277

Can I share files and folders with people outside Furman University?
Yes - you can share files with anyone who has an email address.  You are responsible for any data you provide access to in your Furman Box account. Information about the various levels of permissionsfor sharing documents and folders and providing links to files is available.

Can I share files and folders from any device?
Initial permissions must be set on the Furman Box site.  Permissions cannot be set using the Box apps.

Is data in Furman Box backed up?
Files deleted will be available for 30 days in the Trash folder or until the Trash is emptied.  Box also maintains version histories of each file.  If used correctly you may be able to recall previous versions of a document.  NOTE:  Once a file is deleted from the Trash folder it CANNOT be recovered. 

Do files in the Trash folder count against my quota?

Do files which have been shared with me count against my quota?
No, files are only charged against the quota of the owner of the file.

What happens to the data someone has shared with me if they leave the University?
Files in a shared folder are stored in the account of the person who created the file.  If the creator leaves the University their files will be removed when their account is deleted.  To avoid losing data make sure to copy any necessary files to another person's account.

What happens to my account when I graduate or leave the University?

  • Students - You will have the opportunity to move your Furman Box account data into a personal Box account within 30 days of graduation.  
  • Faculty and staff - Faculty and staff data is considered to be University property.  Your account will become inactive and inaccessible when you leave the University.

What are the differences between a Furman Box account and a personal Box account?

  • Furman Box
    • 25 GB storage
    • 5 GB file size limit
    • Dedicated support through the IT Service Center
    • Secure storage and data transfer
    • Single sign-on through the MyFurman portal
    • More types of permissions including: Co-Owner,  Uploader Only, and Upload-Viewer
    • Preview in Box without needing to download
  • Personal Box** 5 GB storage (special offers are sometimes available with additional storage)
    • 250 MB file size limit
    • Support only through the Box community
    • Secure data transfer
    • Separate User ID and password
    • Only Owner, Editor, and Viewer permissions

Can I sign up for a personal Box account with my Furman email address?
No. Furman email addresses are used for Furman Box accounts only. If you would like to use a personal Box account, please use a personal email address to sign up.

Which apps are available for use with my Furman Box?
Box supports a number of apps which can interface with your Box storage.  Apps on the list of approved apps have been reviewed and tested by ITS and are approved for use with the Furman Box system.

Can faculty use Furman Box to store student work?
Yes, but faculty should take extra care in assigning permissions to who can view and share student work. While Furman Box does comply with the requirements of the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), extra care should always be taken to safeguard student work. Academic Records can answer questions about FERPA and protecting student data.

Is Box secure enough for storing things like credit card numbers and health information?
No. Box does not comply with the provisions of the Health Insurance Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Credit Cards should also not be stored on Box due to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS.) Please call the IT Service Center if you need a way to share or store health information or credit card numbers.

Are other universities using Box?
Yes. Furman Box is licensed as an Internet2 Net+ Service. There are now over 80 other institutions that are licensing Box for their campus use.