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Ipads first arrived on FU campus soon after the initial release.  Several smaller initiatives in CTL and ITS pioneered the use and early testing.  In the summer of 2012 the first major faculty ipad initiative was funded.  Twenty laptops were purchased with funds from ITS and CTL coordinated the distribution based on faculty proposals.  Ipad expos and classes have been held by various departments to meet a variety of needs.  ipad purchases are processed as all computing equipment, with inquires and requests made at the service center will be to ITS Procurement.

Some of that information you can find here:

An Overview of ipad Apps

Using PDF documents on ipad

Editing/Saving on the iPad-  There are several apps (Evernote, Inkpad, etc) available that can help facilitate this activity.  Box and Google Drive are also iPad apps that can greatly aid in your ability to work on documents while being moblie.

For advice on how to utilize the iPad in the classroom please contact CTL or Corey Gheesling at x 3794.