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  • User Network Storage Management

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Service Name

User Network Storage Management


Provides a service to maintain and support infrastructure digital storage assets used to underpin IT and business services.


Faculty, staff and students are eligible for this service.

How to Request Service

  • Approved work Requests
  • Escalated Incidents or Problems from the IT Service Center


Business Preferred


There are no charges for this service.

Service Line

Systems and Networks


  • Plan, install, configure and test storage infrastructure components and connectivity.
  • Redundant, replicated, secure network storage space for end-users
  • Storage snapshots for self-service recoveries
  • Storage quota management
  • Enterprise appropriate storage permissions access rights
  • Consultation and storage recommendations for special needs and projects
  • Shared storage areas
  • Encrypted enterprise storage for special compliance requirements
  • Cloud Storage solutions with generous limits for touch devices, browsers, multi-form-factor and multi-platform use
  • Data Backup and Retention Policies for enterprise storage


Cathy Frazier



VP Customer VP

for Finance & Vice President of Finance and Administration

Delivery Channels

  • Satisfied Work Requests
  • Consulting and Support

Service Targets

  • 8 hour response target time for internal network storage access issues.  Cloud storage services subject to vendor SLA.