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To expedite opportunities for exploration of innovative technologies in the classroom, certain technologies will be are installed in RH108 during the 2012/13 academic year.  These include a videoconference endpoint, an Apple TV device for the purpose of wirelessly enabling iPad presentations, and HD video.  This space is currently equipped with 25 high-end Mac systems with dual boot Mac/Win capabilities. Shared by stakeholders in the science division, once the innovative technologies are installed, scheduling requests for RH108 will be made available for any Furman faculty.  For further information about the progress of this project and the expected completion dates contact Wade Shepherd at 2276 JH101.  In the rear of the room, near the ceiling are two cameras.  One is dedicated to capturing the room, if the user chooses to do so.  The other is dedicated to video conferencing. 

If you are interested in capturing a lecture, you'll be happy to know that you can capture a Polycom video conference, the computer, document camera, white board, class seats and the audio from each.  You can even capture one source, such as the computer, and a picture-in-picture video of one of the preset camera positions such as the whiteboard or professor.  The entire capture gets saved to your USB 3.0 key and can be taken with you when you leave the room for later playback as an .mp4 file. 

If you would like hands on instruction, contact Joe Hiltabidel (x3615).