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Service Name

Privacy and Identity Management


This service supports the University by providing identify management systems and services, and ensures departments comply with the University's information privacy policies and requirements.


  • All students enrolled for credit.
  • All faculty
  • All full time, part time and temporary staff
  • Furman Affiliates

How to Request Service

Contact the IT Service Center (864.294.3277 or


Privacy consulting available during normal work hours M - F 8:30 am to 4 pm except for weekends, holidays, and planned downtime.


There are no charges for this service.

Service Line

Security Management


  • Works to ensure that University departments understand the roles and responsibilities for privacy and information security as outlined in University policy 71.11 "Organizational “Organizational Security and Data Classification"Classification”.
  • Works with 3rd party firms to conduct audits and tests to ensure University departments and systems comply with regulatory requirements for personally identifiable information including PCI-DSS, FERPA, and HIPAA.
  • Support external audit efforts to ensure that in-scope applications comply with recommended authentication controls.
  • Provides Identity Management support by providing systems and process for creating, modifying and removing account IDs, passwords, and account record maintenance activities.
  • Manages and maintains synchronization of passwords for single sign on solutions.
  • Plan, design, build, test, implement, and maintain an integrated set of campus community directories.
  • Works with Technology Training service to ensure appropriate campus community training on information privacy roles and responsibilities.


Randy Dill


Adequate power and operating environment for the identity management infrastructure.

VP Customer

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Delivery Channels

  • Complete Work Requests
  • Consulting and Support

Service Targets

  • ITS will have an external audit of the Universities practices as regards regulatory requirements for PII conducted every four year.
  • No severe deficiencies noted by the University auditors.
  • New student accounts are created during the first week in May. 98% of all other accounts will be created within 96 hours of their respective records in Datatel Colleague becoming active. Special approved accounts will be created within 96 hours of approved request form. Special accounts are de-provisioned no later than one year of their creation. Accounts for all students graduating are de-provisioned at most 6 weeks from the date of graduation. Accounts for students who leave without graduation are de-provisioned at most one week from the time that ITS is notified of their departure. Other accounts are de-provisioned within 1 business day from the time that ITS is notified of their departure.
  • Available 99% of the time for those systems supporting SSO via Active Directory.
  • Provide 99% availability of both internal and external directories with the data in the external directory being no more than 24 hours old.
  • In conjunction with User Services provide at least 1 training opportunity per year.