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  • A short email from my dad in Haiti

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Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 7:26 PM

Subject: Re: checking in

> Hi honey.

>   Things are coming together nicely

>   Our group is taking over at a hospital where the French are vacating. It 

> is downtown and they need all our surgeons

>   The name of the hospital is Sacred Heart.

> I and Elise opened a clinic today at the epicenter of the earthquake and 

> started

> Seeing pts.  Destruction and

> Smell of rotting bodies under bldgs is unbelievable

> Love

> Me

My dad also called me last night and apparently there are riots starting. He is currently working in a nieghborhood of PAP, Petionville. The riots are a result of U.S. and Haitian soldiers who are charging Haitians $7 US for a bag of rice when it's supposed to be free (the average Haitian makes less than a dollar a day just to put that into perspective)