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Sorry my parent's typing skill and spelling aren't the best. 

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From: "deanmire" <>

To: "Cindy Mire" <>

Sent: Sunday, February 07, 2010 8:44 PM

Subject: Super bowl haiti

> Hi all.  Had a great day today doing triage at hospital. Doing surgical 

> wound debridements, setting fractures. Draining wounds and treating 

> critically ill

> Team is really melding together

> Probably moving closer to hospital tomorrow

> Food and water are minor problem

> Meeting people from all over US and bonding as wew work together. Still 

> don't have a ride home but working on it

> We realy have a mature grat team

> Church of sacred heart next to hospital is totally destroyed EXCEPT for 

> crucifix and tabernacle. Really gives me chill bumps

> Haven't told anyone it is my bday today

> Johnie and guidon (two of our Haitian friends) coming tuesday

> Have done lots of good down here. Everybody doing well exxcept Dr Casey 

> who is sick with high fever. May have to come home early if he doesn't 

> rally

> Looks like Denge fever

> Believe it or not we are watching super bowl with rabbit ear antenna (on a side note, all the doctors used surgical tape and  made jerseys out of their scrubs for the superbowl. My dad wrote out Manning on the back of his shirt)

> Love you all

> Doc Dean

My Mom's Email Back to my Dad:

-----Original Message-----

> From: Cindy Mire

> To: Cindy Mire

> ReplyTo: Cindy Mire

> Sent: Feb 7, 2010 11:30 PM

> Subject: Re: Super bowl haiti

> Clara Mathian hooked me up with Melody's facebook pics...did they save tht

> arm?? Cases look good. Do you really think Mike has Dengue??? Can you 

> treat

> him there? Am bird dogging your flight plans. Eveyone was asking about you

> at church this am and at the Merwin's superbowl party.

> I am so proud of you. 

> happy birthday love

> me

> Mike seems better today

> We are moving to another place today closer to hospital. Gunshots last 

> night outside our house. Everybody was freaking out but edva and yvon (these two men are the translators, they are from haiti but live in knoxville, tn) say 

> it was nothing unusual

> Arm was saved but it probably will never work (if anyone wants to see a pic of the arm, i can send it to you but it's graphic)

> Love

> Me