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Didn't really have something to put on here so I thought I'd give an explanation of what I hope to do with poverty studies and art.  This is a really famous National Geographic photograph that, although in a small way by some proportions, affected an impoverished situation.  The Peruvian boy photographed is crying because someone just drove into and killed his sheep (the source of his pride and income) and I'm sure he is unsure of what to do next.  The photographer caught the sense of helplessness that we have been trying to understand through readings, discussion and the poverty simulation, in just one snap.  The boy's facial expression caught the hearts of lots of Americans and he was flooded with money and words of encouragement.  His pack of sheep were replaced and his tears dried.

Although that is just one example of one family helped, I feel that I too can use photography in this way to affect those who are hopeless.  Whether it be across the world or across the fence (great wall of Greenville), I am hoping to spread light on situations that have been in the dark so that those who CAN help, will help.