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As current scholars in one of the nation's more prestigious universities, we are already living in the top 1% of the world's population. What then, is our role in seeking to make sense of the current situation in Haiti? How should we address it? Should we raise funds? Should we seek to educate the rest of the student body? People are saying this is an "Unnatural" disaster. The effects of the earthquakes are accentuated by Haiti's severe poverty. How can we go about understanding how and why Haiti has found its place as one of the hemisphere's poorest nations?  How can we go about addressing such poverty to ensure that our actions and daily lives do not function to perpetuate such poverty?

Post links, read ones that are posted, and let's dialogue about what our next step is.

350 Blog

Democracy Now! US Accused of Militarizing Relief Effort in Haiti


The Underlying Tragedy-Op-Ed by David Brooks

Bill Clinton to Coordinate Haiti Relief Efforts

10 Americans Arrested in Haiti

Click HERE to find numerous articles on Aid relief from the Development Research Institute at New York University

Haiti Crisis Prompts Fresh Talk of Pooling U.S. Relief , NYTimes-Stephanie Strom

Nobody Wants your Old Shoes: How Not to Help in Haiti (blog post)

Tales from the Hood -a blog from someone on the ground in Haiti and reporting back as a veteran-aid worker

Some Frank Talk About Haiti , Nicholas Kristof

Haiti Is Again a Canvas for Approaches to Aid , NEIL MacFARQUHAR

How To Rebuild Haiti , Robert Zoellick

Scrabbling for Survival , The Economist,

Haiti's Unnatural Disaster , Paul Farmer

Check out what the ONE Campaign is doing to address Haiti's long-term needs and listen to a live conference call ONE sponsored from people on the ground.