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In order to analyze the EyeTribe data with EEG recordings, there are additional steps to the ones above to setup and analyze the data. The EyeTribe data (ET data) will need to be aligned with the simultaneous EEG data. To do this, both the ET and EEG data must have shared "events" or "triggers". In order to create these events in each data log, follow the instructions below. 

First, make sure the program Input Director (website here) is installed on both the experiment room's computer as well as it's respective control room computer. This program allows us to send virtual “keypresses”, marking events, from the participant testing computer in the experiment room to the EEG recording computer in the control room. If Input Director is not installed those computers, you can find the setup program in \\fustore\wamsleylab\Technical Stuff\EyeTribe Files\InputDirector.v1.4.build110.Setup.exe or it can be downloaded here (Get the most recent version). Once installed, follow the instructions here to set the program up properly (The control room computer will be the "slave", and the experiment room computer will be the "master"). Don't worry about steps 3.2.2 and on, they don't matter for what we are doing with the program. 


You are done. Just export the file if you want to analyze it somewhere else.