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I found Paul Farmer's comments on Haiti from 2008 are extremely poignant in light of the recent disaster. I thought his comments on the "unnatural disaster" were extremely relevant regarding the statements that we made in class regarding whether or not this earthquake could be considered a "natural disaster" or whether it was something else. 

What I find most fascinating is that Paul Farmer was making these comments last year, and has been for years with his work in Haiti. We debated about this disaster, but for Haiti, every instance of severe weather that devastates their country in unexpected ways is an unnatural disaster. It just brings to light the fact that their poor defenses for such circumstances are not anything recent, but a fact that many have recognized in Haiti for years. 

This just makes me think about the enormous possibilities for improvement in Haiti that are possible out of this disaster. If Americans and the rest of the world are now listening to those who have been passionate about Haiti's needs for years, perhaps we can finally start to help a country stabilize and prevent these unnatural disasters from occurring. 

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  1. Unknown User (ashaw)

    In regards to Lane's point that hopefully now the needs and desperate situation of Haiti will be addressed by the rest of the world, I was surprised at the mention of all of the previous aid given to Haiti.  I would like to know more such as how much and how it was allotted.  Healthcare? Housing? Education? Medical Aid?  By knowing this I think I could also understand the standpoint of the minimalist who think we have already aid in the past that has failed to help the country of Haiti.