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  • Globalization...reaction to disasters?
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I'm not sure if this worked, but I attached Rush Limbaugh's infamous earthquake commentary.  I bring this up not to talk about him specifically or his political preferences, but only to point out a broad generalized mindset that, in my opinion, is very counterproductive when applied to globalization.  Regardless of the data or details of Limbaugh's argument, it was his presentation and lack of compassion that I find disheartening, and it is this that hinders globalization...or atleast globalization as I define it.  I see globalization not as a way to gain for only myself, but a give and take between nations that not only distributes wealth and productivity, but also exchanges ideas, viewpoints, and compassion for one another.  That being said, the well-being of our neighbors around the world becomes a priority and a concern...we should desire to become somehow involved whether that be physically aiding them or just by taking a college course to learn about resolving related issues.  With this sort of globalization, a different sort of mindset is needed when disaster strikes.  Instead of playing the blame game or diverting attention from the disaster to your own personal agenda, we should work together to reconcile what has been lost.  Perhaps this sounds cheesy or too optimistic, and I don't suggest we forget all reason and logical thinking...but I just think it is important to note that when people lack the compassion needed in a symbiotic relationship, the relationship is unable to produce benefits.  

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