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Ever since the earth quake in Haiti happened and all of these fund raisers and hot lines came about ive wondered how do we really know that 100 percent of our money is going to the relief fund and not being pocketed by the person who started it? I looked up some articles on this and found several, one couple in Rhode Island started a "relief fund" for Haiti, made 2,000 $ and was caught by the authorities for not giving a dime of that money to any one or any thing associated with Haiti. I have also heard of some suspect celebrities throwing parties and doing charitable events for Haiti, and i would bet that all of the money received at these events does not go towards Haiti either.

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  1. Unknown User (gnigro)

    I agree, this is something that should be monitored.

    I remember reading that this was a major issue during the Tsunami disaster as well. Corruption led to the misallocation of relief funds in many countries. This is especially true in Sri Lanka, where it is rumored that the Sri Lankan government actually used relief aid to fund terrorist organizations within its borders!