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Roles are used to describe a user's reason for accessing student information in Success@Furman.  Roles are used to provide access to appropriate notes, flags, and student information.  The following roles are currently active:



Academic Guide

Person directly interacting with a student to provide academic counseling. This will primarily be Academic Assistance staff, Student Accessibility Resources staff, ROTC staff.


Academic advisor assigned to a student.

BIT Manager

Behavior Intervention Team members assigned to work with a student.

Calendar Manager

Staff person assigned to manage the calendar for another user.  This will primarily be administrative and department assistants.

Case Manager

General support staff from Academic Affairs and Student Life who need academic information for all students.


Athletic team coaches and associated personnel.


Associate Academic Dean, Dean of Students, Assistant Dean for Advising

Dean Assistant

Administrative Assistants to the Deans in the Dean Role.


Instructor assigned to each course.

Peer Mentor

Other students acting in an official capacity for the University to support students. This will primarily be Freshmen Resident Assistants (FRADs).

Resident Assistant

RA designated for student housing assignment.


All enrolled and previously enrolled students including day students, evening students, and graduate students.

Student Life Case Manager

Staff from Student Life who need behavioral information for all students.

Student Life Guide

Person directly interacting with a student to provide general counseling and support. This will primarily be Student Life staff.


Staff who interact with students to conduct specific transactions or who need information for all students. This includes staff from the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, Student Business Center, Department Chairs, and Department Assistants.

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