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Furman Accounts and Passwords

What types of accounts are there?

  • Faculty, staff and students are issued a NetID.  The NetID will allow you to access most systems on campus such as MyFurman (, Office 365 (email, calendaring, OneDrive, etc.), Moodle, Box, etc.
  • Volunteers, interns, consultants, vendors, etc. are issued an Affiliate Account to access campus resources. Affiliate Accounts can be requested in Human Resources.
  • Members of the OLLI program or other Continuing Education programs can request a Visitor Account from the staff in the Herring Center.
  • Campus visitors can connect to our Guest wireless network or request a Visitor Account at the IT Service Center with a government issued ID (drivers license, passport, etc.)  Wireless access is also provided for some special events and the event login information is obtained from the Event Coordinator.

How do I get my NetID?

Your unique username and password is created based upon your status at Furman.

  • Students - Your NetID will be created after your enroll, generally the first week of May.  A letter containing your account information will be mailed to your permanent address.
  • Faculty/staff - Your NetID will be created after ITS is notified by HR that you have been hired.  Your account information will be mailed to your home address or you can make arrangements to pickup the letter at the IT Service Center.

Name Changes

  • The NetID cannot be changed due to interaction with multiple systems both on and off campus.
  • The Display Name associated with your NetID can be changed so your new name will appear in the electronic address book.
  • Your email address can be changed to your new name.
  • Please contact HR to begin the process of changing your name.  Once you name has been updated with HR, please contact the IT Service Center to begin the process of updating your accounts.

How do I manage my account?

You are strongly encouraged to enroll in Password Station to manage your account.  Password Station will allow you to answer security questions to reset your password or unlock your account.  Password Station will also alert you to upcoming password changes if you are enrolled in the system.

Need to change a password?

Enroll and use the Password Station to reset your Password or follow these instructions to reset your password without using the Password Station.  Passwords must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • Contain 3 of the following character types:
    • Uppercase letter
    • Lowercase letter
    • Number
    • Symbol
  • Cannot contain your name, Furman or Paladin
  • Cannot be a recently used password

What happens if I forgot my password?

Your identity must be verified before your password can be reset so passwords are not reset over the phone or via email.  There are three methods to reset your password:

  • Password Station:  If you have enrolled in Password Station you can visit the site and enter your challenge questions and answers to reset your password. 
  • On-Campus: Students, faculty, and staff members that need to have any password reset should come to the IT Service Center.   Individuals must show a photo ID in order to have a password reset.
  • Off-Campus: Students, faculty, and staff members that are off-campus and need to have a password reset should contact the IT Service Center at 864-294-3277. The IT Service Center can reset your password and mail the information to your home address or we can use a video session such as Facetime or Skype to reset your password. 

What happens to my account when I leave Furman?

Accounts are deleted when you leave Furman.  You can find out more specific information on our Account Deletion page.

Are there other accounts other than the NetID?  Which systems do they access?


Your network username ("NetID") and password will give you access to most Furman electronic resources. You will use your NetID and password when accessing the following resources:

  • Box - Cloud storage
  • eWeb - Faculty and Staff web server (upon request)
  • Furman Network
  • Maxient
  • Moodle
  • MyFurman
  • Network Storage
  • Office 365
  • OrgSync
  • People Admin
  • R25 Scheduling software


In order to access the Datatel administrative systems you must use your Datatel username and password. Your Datatel username and password is not used for any other system. (Staff - Must Request)

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