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Planning to go on Study Away or travel for an extended period?  Here are some suggestions to prepare your account for your extended absence from campus.

  • Password Station - Have your registered for the Furman Password Station at  Once you have registered you will create security questions which will allow you to reset your password remotely.  Password Station will also notify you prior to your password expiring so you have a chance to change it before it expires.
  • VPN (faculty & staff only) - VPN can be used to connect to old file shares or other sensitive systems which are only available on campus.  Requests for VPN accounts should be submitted well in advance of any travel and tested thoroughly before leaving on the trip.
  • Change password - We strongly recommend you change your password about a week before leaving.  This will allow you to visit the Service Center if you run into any problems getting all your devices updated before you leave.  Updating before you leave also significantly reduces the chances your password will expire while traveling.
  • Skype or Facetime - ITS must verify your identity before we can change your password.  The only option to change your password remotely is with a video conferencing session using Skype or Facetime.  Please make sure you setup these accounts before traveling and test with a friend or family member.
  • Duo - Our dual authentication system, Duo, should be configured prior to your trip if you require access to Workday or other systems requiring dual authentication.  The Duo app can be installed on your smartphone or a passcode can be provided for you.

Please contact the IT Service Center if you have any questions.