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If you encounter an issue with a piece of technology or software in the lab, you can look into solutions on your own. However, ALWAYS report the issue to the lab coordinator and/or Dr. Wamsley first and DO NOT try to implement any solutions you find until you have cleared them with the lab coordinator and/or Dr. Wamsley. Instead, use the resources below to help you brainstorm possible solutions to propose. Doing this will allow for more efficient group troubleshooting and help you gain confidence and experience with the technology you are using for your studies. 

The best way to begin this process is simply to do an Internet search. 99% of the time, someone else out there has had the exact same issue you are encountering and has already found a solution. Searching for your issue online will often lead you to internet chats where other users have done the trial and error for you and posted the best solution to the problem. Program-specific approaches are below:

Information for troubleshooting TWin or Brainvision

Pupil Labs Eye Tracker

For issues with the Pupil Labs eye tracker or software, your best bet will be Discord, an online gaming and software chatroom, or GitHub, a software development and discussion service. Pupil Labs is active on both platforms and you can find their recommendations to other users about a variety of potential issues. Instructions for using both of these services are below:


You will need to have a Discord account to access the Pupil Labs chatroom. The Sleep Lab already has a Discord account that is part of the Pupil Labs chat group that you can use to search past discussions or to post a new message to the developers if you encounter an issue that no one seems to have dealt with before. The login information for this account is below:



Username: furman_sleep_lab#0662

Password: EEGbrainwaves214

When using Discord, keep in mind that users whose usernames appear in green or red are the developers. These are the people who actually programmed the Pupil software and designed the eye trackers so their responses are the most credible. Usernames in white are normal users like you. Their input may be useful but be more careful following recommendations from them. 


GitHub is where you download the Pupil software. The GitHub Pupil Labs page also includes an "Issues" forum where you can find past discussions about software and hardware issues related to the eye trackers. You do not need a GitHub account to download the Pupil software or to access the discussions, but you will need one if you wish to post about a new issue that has not been discussed before. The Sleep Lab has a GitHub account for this purpose. The login information is below: 



Username: furmansleeplab

Password: EEGbrainwaves214


For issues with OpenSesame, your best bet will be the CogSci OpenSesame forum. Instructions for using CogSci are below:


Here you can find numerous discussions about a variety of topics related to OpenSesame functions and programming. You can read the discussions without an account, but you will need to be logged in to post a discussion about a new issue or question that has not been discussed yet. The Sleep Lab has a CogSci account for this purpose. The login information is below:



Username: FurmanSleepLab

Password: EEGbrainwaves214


MatLab is created and hosted by MathWorks, whose website contains a section called "MatLab Answers" where you can find numerous past discussions on a variety of topics related to MatLab programming and operation. The MatLab software itself also includes a search feature in the upper right corner which will allow you to search the MatLab Documentation for specific commands, functions and operations that you have a question about or want to use. The programs you will be using most often were written by Dr. Wamsley, so she will be your best bet if you encounter an error or have a question about a specific line of code. 


Other tech/software

If you encounter an issue with technology or software in the lab that is not listed above, your first step should always be to notify the lab coordinator and/or Dr. Wamsley and then conduct an Internet search for the issue. Most programs and devices in the lab have user manuals that can be found in the lab or online and that can answer most basic operation questions you may have. You will most likely be able to find an online discussion for your issue as well.

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