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  • 3. Creating A New Expense Report (Report Header)
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  • To create a new expense report, click "New Report" under My Expenses on the ExpensAble Home screen:

  • Enter the following required information on the Report Header:

1. Enter travel destination in Expense Report Name (City, State for domestic trips, or City, Country for overseas trips), maximum 30 characters.

2. Enter detailed business purpose in Expense Report Reason, maximum 60 characters.

3. If the entire expense report will be charged to an account other than your default account, type in the proper department code or click in the box to show the dropdown list. Click to select. Note: You will have the ability to change the charge-to GL account for individual expenses on the Expense screen.

4. Bill To is the two-digit Fund code. Click in the box to show the dropdown list. Click to select.

5. Click in the STP Code box to show the STP code dropdown list. Click to select.

6. Enter Travel Request number (TR15XXXX, no dash) in Authorization Number box.

7. Enter travel dates in From/To boxes. Click in the box to show calendar.

Note: Refer to Adding Expenses to A Report for instructions on importing TAP Card Transactions.

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