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  • 6. When there is a balance due the Universtiy:
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After completing the report and before submitting the report for approval, click the "Summary" tab.

  1. If there is an amount due employee, the reimbursement will be a direct deposit into the employee's bank account after the report has been properly approved and processed through the Travel and Accounting offices (usually within a week).
  2. If there is an amount due Furman, the traveler should:
    • Write a check to Furman in the amount due.
    • Take the check to Student Business Center and deposit it into the same account the expense(s) was charged to.
    • Scan the receipt issued by the Student Business Center to your eBin.
    • Create a new expense item in the associated report by choosing "Reimburse to FU" from the Expense Type dropdown:

    • On the pop-up window:
      1. Enter the amount of reimbursement to Furman.
      2. Choose "Employee Paid" as the Payment Method.
      3. Under "Reimbursable" choose "YES" from the dropdown.
      4. Enter in the Description box that this is a reimbursement to Furman.
      5. Click "Enter" to save.

    • Attach the receipt from the eBin.
    • Under the Summary tab, the Amount Due Furman and the Amount Due Employee will both show -0- now.



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