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Erin’s Tips for Running a Good Study


  1. Be friendly.  Greet participants enthusiastically, make them comfortable, and engage them in the study.
  2. Give clear instructions in a way that motivates subjects.  Read through any on-screen or written instructions WITH subjects, to make sure they understand.
  3. Explain every form that you give them; SHOW them how to fill it out.
  4. After subjects finish each form, be sure to check that they completed it correctly. 
  5. Always ask “ Do you have any questions ?”
  6. Be unbelievably organized. 
  7. Practice all study procedures on a mock participant before running a real subject.
  8. Document your procedures and data in a way that a stranger could find everything understand everything.  Open Science Framework is great for this.
  9. Check the data.  Did the data save correctly?  Is it all there?  Does anything look weird?
  10. Back up electronic study data to the cloud (in this case Open Science Framework) immediately, or at least once a day.
  11. It’s ok to make a mistake!  But if you do make a mistake, DOCUMENT IT (notes in subject folder and in subject log).
  12. Ask for help when you need it.