I just finished reading the article about the Americans who are charged with “kidnapping” Haitian children. After reading this article, I found some fundamental questions that I think are worth discussing.

1. How much is too much?

In terms of helping the poor/disaster victims, how much aid is too much aid? Is it possible to overstep your boundaries? Within this scenario, I believe that the Americans certainly stepped over the line. They acted very irresponsible by simply taking the children and not filling out any paper work or even making sure that the children were orphans. In many ways, there is a good chance they did more harm then good.

This makes me wonder how other forms of aid could actually hurt those who are in poverty.

2. Does the Haitian government have the right to govern itself at this point?

When a third world country faces a natural disaster, how much legitimacy does its government have? Should other countries be prepared to take over its adoption programs/law enforcement/ criminal trials? In many ways, I do not think Haiti is capable of governing itself without the aid of the United States/International organizations. In my opinion, the US should take charge of this recent “kidnapping allegation.”